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meat-imageSara Bertran, Consultant

Sara signed onto this group in the very infancy of the company as a Consultant to advise and help with the development of the business. Having been in the sanitation industry since 1995 where she started with a major manufacturer of portable toilets and then a national trailer rental company, she already had the experience and knowledge of managing events where elegant restroom trailers have become the desired standard. Her experience included a visit to the neighboring ranch of President Bush for a luncheon, several Super Bowls and the Wedding event for Chelsey Clinton. She assisted in determining the line of trailers that Tidy Coast would carry and the target market for the product. Now working as a consultant with the company she continues in that day to day advisor capacity as well as Sales and Service.

I’m very organized and since I am pretty much a workaholic that is a good thing. I can remain calm in a crisis and I’m usually the person taking charge. I love to read and use it as a method of relaxation. I also practice the art of Feng Shui and my home is reflective of that however, I have not yet hung any crystals in our trailers.

My Favorite Trailer is: – My favorite trailer was recently replaced with the new Urban Style units. This trailer is very modern and elegant at the same time. I’ve always said that simplicity is beauty and that’s what I think of when I enter this unit.

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What Charity or Cause do you support and why?

Any charities that are working to provide a more humane existence for animals, not just cats and dogs but also exotic animals and our wildlife. I also am an advocate for banning declawing of any animal but particularly of domestic cats and the debarking ofdogs. These animals are at our mercy and since they don’t have the means to speak up for themselves I try to express their concerns over these barbaric practices.

If I won the lottery, I would:

Buy 500 acres of land and start an animal preserve or possibly expand one already in existence so they can do more for more animals. I would want to live there but hire a staff of caretakers.

My Customers Love Me Because:

I keep my promises. When I tell them that we are a turnkey operation and that going forward from the day they sign the contract they no longer need to think about the restrooms, it is such a relief to them. Then on event day I make sure that happens.