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meat-image Matt Bowen, Technician

Matt joined the Tidy Coast Team in 2010 and made an immediate impact with his positive attitude,sense of humor and years of experience! Matt’s previous experience included handling PR and Maintenance for Hope International. He handled all electrical, plumbing and AC repairs and that’s been put to good use at Tidy Coast insuring that all of our Trailers are in Tip Top condition! He can often be seen on the event sites making sure that guests are happy and having a good time! As Matt always says,“If you have to go, you might as well go in style!”

Matt’s favorite Trailers are the Deluxe Series: “They’re well-built and can handle large crowds!”

Cell 772-349-8106   in
When I’m not working, I’m likely:

Volunteering my time in ministry helping those that are addicted to alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

What Charity or Cause do you support:

For many years I’ve volunteered my time and have served on the Board of Operation 300. Operation 300 is a nonprofit organization that hosts adventure camps for children who’ve lost their Fathers as a result of military service and seeks to honor the families of the fallen.

When I was growing up I wanted to be:

A Radio Talk Show Host. I love doing comedy and talking theology so it would be a great platform to share my views while getting paid for it.